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Vance Cast Liberty Hour Radio - Tucson Arizona
Vance Cast Liberty Hour Radio – Tucson Arizona

Dr. C. Vance Cast is a Tucson, Arizona native and an advocate for personal accountability, community awareness, and civic participation.

His first hand experiences of feeling disenfranchised and unheard had him taking a closer look at fellow individuals around him. Vance wants to hear your thoughts, struggles, and what matters to your heart. He sees how the parties are pitting fellow citizens against each other, and recognized they have become deaf to ordinary people.

The Liberty Hour radio show is designed to give everyone, regardless background and of political party affiliation, the opportunity to voice concerns, discuss their views, and  weigh in on solutions to community issues. He is an ambassador to both sides of the isle and acts as a mediator to find common ground and real attainable solutions for critical issues that plague our neighborhoods, society, and country. 

We all share a common connection, we are all Americans. We desire and want the same basic things. Freedom and liberty to live our lives how we see fit, protection for those that we hold dear, defense against those who threaten us, and to promote solid moral values for the greater good.

Vance is a moderate with a Libertarian mindset, that adopts ideas from the left and the right that make sense. 

He is a father and grandfather, a veteran of the United States Army Medical Corps, American businessman, educator, and author. He has a wide variety of personal interests and hobbies he loves to share with others. But, he is a teacher at heart. 

As a doctoral academic, he specializes in research methodologies that are applied in many industries from epidemiology to medicine and aerospace. 

Spending almost 5 years in a prison for drug charges, many years ago, he deeply empathizes with “personal struggles”, especially those that may have been caused by a bad decision. However, he makes no excuses and accepts no excuses. He believes firmly that your mistakes from the past should not define your future. He supports those that recognize their faults and only asks the question… what will you do to correct it and how can you be better than you were?

He worked hard for years in the face of adversity to achieve his education and professional accomplishments. Vance promotes personal responsibility from the family unit to national security. He understands the issues facing our community in these times from many angles. And, since he and the company he founded lives as a target of fake news every day, he understands the need for balance and common sense. 

One of our most quote-worthy U.S. Supreme Court justices of all time, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., described freedom and liberty as: “your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man’s nose begins.” 

How is this balance struck, when you have people freely and knowingly posting slanderous remarks on the internet? When little gangs are walking into retail establishments with empty arms and walking out with thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise? Shop owners can’t protect their property the way they see fit. These are the things Vance wants to address on a community, state, and national level starting with a Tucson talk-radio show.

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